Charleston, So. C., U.S.A. Cocktail Mixer Compounds Bittermilk


Bittermilk Launches Their Next Hand Crafted Cocktail Mixer: No. 6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned along with an Old Fashioned Gift Set November 20 2014

Charleston, SC based Bittermilk, makers of hand-crafted cocktail mixers, has unveiled its next product—the No. 6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned. Pronounced “weh-HAH-ken,” the product’s flavors are strong and bittersweet with Old Fashioned spices and chiles. No. 6 is a celebration of the flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico using dried Mexican chilies, cocoa nibs and spices, sweetened with raisins and aged with cocoa husks. The Oaxacan is best mixed with Mezcal, a distilled alcoholic spirit made from the maguey plant (regional varieties of agave). Mezcal, the source of inspiration for the product, is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico, a Pacific-coast state in southern Mexico, as well as in other regions of Mexico. The production of Mezcal has been a strong tradition in the highlands of Oaxaca since the colonial era and is an important part of Oaxacan culture. Also, each Bittermilk product features a shadow puppet graphic on the label.  The No. 6 is adorned with the rooster, a symbol of strength and luck in Mexican folklore.

“There is an old saying among the Oaxacan people: Para todo mal, mezcal, para todo bien, también, which means: For everything bad, mezcal; for everything good, too,” stated owner Joe Raya, quoting what he learned while researching ingredients for the new product. “We are excited to launch the No. 6 and hope it will be ‘for everything good’ the fall season ushers in.”

The No. 6 is the third Old Fashioned-style product in the line. Owners Joe and MariElena Raya developed this unique mix to put a creative twist on a traditional concept. The bittering agents are cinchona bark and cocoa nibs, the latter of which is another important ingredient in Oaxacan cuisine. Mezcal, with its strong smoky flavor, is all that is needed to create a warmly spiced drink great for the crisp days of fall. Just in time for the holiday season, Bittermilk also launched an Old Fashioned Gift Set that features all three of the lines in a stamped box for $45.

Bittermilk No. 6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned will be available via their website and in a variety of the retailers across the country already selling the product lines. To learn more about Bittermilk, visit or follow on Twitter @DrinkBittermilk.